Can we experience more stability and ease while we navigate change?

Change can come from small, everyday shifts to major life upheavals. They present unique challenges that, at times, can completely disorient us. These days, we experience change more often than ever before. It can feel like change is a constant - talk about a paradox! 

If you're tired of waiting for that elusive moment when everything is stable and you can completely relax, we invite you to learn about the mechanics of change and transition and explore your own relationship to uncertainty. Though it is in our nature to resist it, it is possible to navigate change with more ease.

Throughout this course, you'll amplify your knowledge and awareness of the process of transition, consider simple ways to cultivate a change-ready mindset, and begin to create a toolkit that will help you thrive and support your work in times of uncertainty.

What else can I expect?

Our courses take months of dedicated teamwork to evolve from the drawing board to the final product that you'll get to experience here. We take great pride in creating high-quality learning content and hope that you'll enjoy a unique and valuable experience.

  • Interactive lessons

    You'll engage with 12 lessons that were carefully crafted to provide you with a variety of learning components

  • Workbook

    When you complete the course, you'll download a collection of reflection and application exercises that you can reference in the future

  • Self-paced

    This course takes an average of 60 minutes but we encourage you to complete it at your own pace and schedule

Questions about our courses?

If this is your first course with us or if you have questions about the learning format, we recommend that you check our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Learning Format

Here's more to know about the learning format of The Art of Navigating Change:

  • Self-directed: Create your own learning strategy

  • Discussion: Connect, share, and learn with peers

  • Useful resources: Apply, download, keep, revisit

  • Interactive content: Read, reflect, watch, listen, do


When you enroll in this course, you get 1 year of unlimited access to come back and review as much as you want.